Monday, February 11, 2013

Mazinger Z

Piggybacking on the Shogun Warrior post, here's a series that made it to the US for a while, Tranzor Z (aka Mazinga, Mazinger from the Shogun Warriors).  A friend of mine used to record these on television along with Robotech.  Unfortunately it was on Beta Max tapes so I couldn't borrow them, but I remember spending a few nights at his house and we'd stay up till morning watching Mazinger Z!  I remember as a 12 year old, getting a kick out of the female robot who had missles for breasts!


  1. Strange to think that cartoons like this and Speed Racer were the beginnings of today's anime. I really prefer the older style. It has a "Hanna/Barbera" familiarity to it (like Johnny Quest, or Thundarr).

  2. I do too, I've always considered myself a Hanna/Barberian. I'll take Johnny Quest, Thundarr and Galtar over most anime today.